50-50 Highlights: Colleges for Transfer Students

Dog with backpackApproximately one-third of all college students transfer between institutions at least once according the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. In tough economic times, many students start at a community college and plan to transfer to complete their four-year degree. Others start may start at more expensive four-year institutions and find that they need to transfer to less expensive institutions.

However, transferring can be a risky business. There is the obvious concern of whether or not all your course work will transfer and be counted towards completion of your degree. Yes, courses can transfer and then only count as electives.

More worrisome is that fact that transfer students generally receive less financial aid than those who start at four-year institutions. Furthermore, according to the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, they are more likely to receive loans and less likely to receive grants than those who don’t transfer in.

Also, according the Digest of Education Statistics transfer students have lower graduation rates than those who begin at the four-year institution.

Given this information, it’s not surprising that colleges and universities with higher transfer-in rates tend to have lower graduation rates. This can be seen among the 50-50 schools.

The 25 private 50-50 schools with the highest transfer-in rates had graduation rates ranging from 49% to a high of 64% with only three schools with rates in the 60′s. Among the private schools with the lowest transfer-in rates, the graduation rates ranges from 53% to 83%. Only one school had a rate less than 60% and over half of the schools had rates over 70%.

The same pattern applied to public schools. Public 50-50 schools with the highest transfer-in rates had graduation rates from 49% to 67% with ten schools having graduation rates in the 60′s. For those with the lowest transfer-in rates, the graduation rates had a low of 52% and a high of 84%. Eight schools had rates of 70% or higher.

The fact remains that transferring is a reality for many students. Therefore, it’s useful to know which schools do have relatively high percentages of transfer-in students and still maintain their 50-50 status. It’s likely that transfer students to these institutions will find more resources targeted to improve the success rate of such students.

The following tables show the 50-50 schools with the highest percentage of transfer-in students. The four-year graduation rate is used for private colleges and the five-year rate is used for public institutions.

Public 50-50 Schools with Highest Transfer-in Rates

% Transfer-in
4/5 Year
The Evergreen State CollegeWAPublic20.951
University of New Hampshire at ManchesterNHPublic19.950
University of Illinois at SpringfieldILPublic19.560
Rutgers University-CamdenNJPublic17.850
The University of Texas at DallasTXPublic15.457
The Richard Stockton College of New JerseyNJPublic15.261
Central Washington UniversityWAPublic14.649
SUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestryNYPublic14.165
Northern Illinois UniversityILPublic12.350
University of North Carolina WilmingtonNCPublic12.264
Rowan UniversityNJPublic12.267
Rutgers University-NewarkNJPublic12.261
Salisbury UniversityMDPublic12.063
Western Illinois UniversityILPublic11.949
University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyMDPublic11.850
George Mason UniversityVAPublic11.659
California Maritime AcademyCAPublic11.558
SUNY at AlbanyNYPublic11.263
Massachusetts College of Liberal ArtsMAPublic10.951
Mississippi State UniversityMSPublic10.854
Eastern Illinois UniversityILPublic10.754
Pennsylvania State University-Penn State HarrisburgPAPublic10.658
Washington State UniversityWAPublic10.562
Missouri State University-SpringfieldMOPublic10.550
Towson UniversityMDPublic10.560
Maine Maritime AcademyMEPublic10.466
Arizona State UniversityAZPublic10.352

Private 50-50 Schools with Highest Transfer-in Rates

% Transfer-in
4/5 yr
Union UniversityTNPrivate24.350
Bethel UniversityTNPrivate24.164
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityINPrivate18.156
Mount Mercy UniversityIAPrivate17.649
Bay Path CollegeMAPrivate17.258
The Sage CollegesNYPrivate16.649
Maryville University of Saint LouisMOPrivate16.057
Columbia International UniversitySCPrivate13.850
Milligan CollegeTNPrivate13.057
Clarke UniversityIAPrivate12.949
The College of Saint ScholasticaMNPrivate12.754
Mills CollegeCAPrivate12.351
Vanguard University of Southern CaliforniaCAPrivate11.952
Goshen CollegeINPrivate11.858
Belmont UniversityTNPrivate11.561
The Master's College and SeminaryCAPrivate11.555
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesMAPrivate11.155
John Brown UniversityARPrivate11.155
Elmhurst CollegeILPrivate11.054
DePaul UniversityILPrivate10.749
Saint Joseph's College of MaineMEPrivate10.749
Southern New Hampshire UniversityNHPrivate10.254
Mount Carmel College of NursingOHPrivate10.162
Seattle UniversityWAPrivate9.957
Salem CollegeNCPrivate9.952
North Central CollegeILPrivate9.750
Guilford CollegeNCPrivate9.655


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