8 Resources for Creating You Own Softball or Baseball Recruiting Video

man with video cameraYou do not have to pay for a professional skills video for college baseball recruiting. If you have a video camera, a video stand, and a basic editing program, you can create your own video that will be perfectly fine for college baseball or softball recruiting.

There are plenty of websites offering information on how to create such videos. After review a few of them, you’ll find that there are some common elements that should be included in every video. The eight websites below provide a good overview of what is available. If you only want to read one website,  Tips for Shooting a Baseball or Softball Skills Video is the one to visit.

My own personal tip that I didn’t see any of the websites I reviewed–use your video editing program to turn off all sounds in the video. No need to worry about inappropriate comments, loud cheers, or similar distractions. And you don’t have to worry if the coach likes your music or not.

7 Tips for Better Recruiting Videos2 stars

Xan Barksdale is the catching coach for the East Tennessee State Buccaneers and is the author of a guide for baseball catchers. This includes good advice on more general concerns as sending a DVD or a link to a video or audio issues. Provides a list skills to include in the video but not which angles to include or specifics about where to be on the field.

Baseball Highlight Video Guidelines3 stars

NCSA is a recruiting service that has put together a guide for creating a baseball highlight video. They provide very detailed instruction for what shots to take and how to position the camera and player for each shot. It provides instructions for all positions as well as the 60 yard dash and hitting. You need to remember these aren’t instructions for the final video but for video for their clients to send them for editing.

College Recruiting Tip No.5: Creating Your Video1 star

This article appears on Active which is a general sports/outdoor website. It provides some information on selecting a digital video recorder. The suggestions for filming are not really specific to baseball. It doesn’t include any suggested drills or skills to include. The only reason to read this is for the little information on buying a video recorder.

How to Make a College Recruiting Video1 star

The Full Windup website has a general overview of how to make a baseball recruiting video. This covers the basic issues in making a video but doesn’t provide the detailed information on specific skills to cover and how to place the camera.

Important Content for Recruiting Video for Catchers3 stars

Advice for catchers from The New England Catching Camp. Explicit advice on which skills to includes and how many repetitions. Also suggests best angles for filming. Starts by stating that the order is how he “likes” things to be presented which is a nice reminder that others may have a different opinion.

Making a Recruitment Video 2 stars

The Keep Playing Baseball website post on making a video is basically a general overview of the process with some specific information for pitchers and hitters. There isn’t as much detailed suggestions as some of the other websites but the Video Production DON’Ts are worth a read.

Tips for Shooting a Baseball or Softball Skills Video3 stars

GetMyNameOut.com has the best concise and detailed description of what skills to include and how to shoot them. There are tables listing the number of shots, the type of “hit” to field, and the camera position. Other descriptions are similar to this one:

FIRST BASEMEN – Stand at deep 1B so you’ll have a long throw across the diamond. Shots1-5:  Place the camera between the mound and home plate.?  Have the cameraman focus on you and capture all your movements in the frame and the last 15 feet or so of the ball before it reaches you.

If you only visit one webpage, this is the one to visit.

What A College Coach Wants In A Recruiting Video3 stars

This advice from Wayne Mazzoni who is the pitching coach at Sacred Heart University. He lists what should be included in a video by position for outfielders, infielders, catchers, and pitchers. Overall, good, specific suggestions.

I’ve created a free “Checklist & Resources for Creating a Recruiting Video with Your Phone” PDF that lists resources for using your smartphone to create a recruiting video. Click here to get your copy.

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