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Where to Start Looking to Find a College in New Mexico

New Mexico Highway SignThe closest thing to a central college planning/search website for New Mexico is the It appears to be part of the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.?  The website has an interactive Financial Aid Handbook that contains information on New Mexico state scholarships. It includes a description of various financial aid options, how to apply for aid, and a basic planning timeline.

The website has a calendar listing area FAFSA workshops. Users can click on questions with video responses in English or Spanish. The community section lists various scholarships as well as links to videos. You can also ask questions through the website’s chat or by calling a toll-free number.

New Mexico College Summary
Public Private
Number 8 0
Students 100% 0%
50-50 0 0
5/4 Yr Grad Rate 23.6% na
Test Scores

ACT Avg 75%
Composite 19.9 23
English 19.0 23
Math 19.7 23
Top Ten Colleges Applied To
  • University of New Mexico
  • New Mexico State Univ
  • Eastern New Mexico University
  • Central New Mexico Community College
  • Arizona State University
  • New Mexico Highlands Univ
  • Texas Tech University
  • New Mexico Tech
  • Fort Lewis College
  • New Mexico State Univ-Dona Ana Brnch Cc

The website links to the New Mexico Student Loans website which is a non-profit corporation that provides student loans. The Financial Aid Resources section has information on the FAFSA and the loan process. It also includes a planning time line.

The planning for college section basically tells you to take the college tests and links to the ACT and SAT.?  There’s the usual timeline for juniors and seniors. The resources section has links to all New Mexico higher education institutions along with some various college planning related websites.

The New Mexico Higher Education Department has information on state specific financial aid and scholarships. It also has a listing of general education courses that transfer among New Mexico post-secondary public institutions.?  The College Readiness section links to the website. There is a limited amount of credit transfer information under the Institutions section, curriculum option.

Some Numbers to Help You Find a College

There are eight public four-year institutions with 500 or more full-time undergraduates in the New Mexico according to the Integrated Post-secondary Education Data System. There are no private institution with more than 500 full-time undergraduates in the state.

The average five-year graduation rate is 23.6%. None of the schools meets the DIY College Rankings 50-50 profile requirements. St. John’s College which is a private school with less than 500 undergraduates would meet the DIY College Rankings 50-50 profile requirements.

College-bound seniors in New Mexico had an average of 19.9 ACT Composite score with a 19.0 for English and 19.7 for Math. The 75th Percentile scores were a Composite of 23, 23 for English, and 23 for Math.?  A total of four colleges ACT 75th% Composite scores were at or above this level.

The top 20 colleges ACT test takers in New Mexico applied to:

  • University of New Mexico
  • ? New Mexico State Univ
  • ? Eastern New Mexico University
  • ? Central New Mexico Community College
  • ? Arizona State University
  • ? New Mexico Highlands Univ
  • ? Texas Tech University
  • ? New Mexico Tech
  • ? Fort Lewis College
  • ? New Mexico State Univ-Dona Ana Brnch Cc
  • ? University of Arizona
  • ? Western New Mexico University
  • ? Colorado State University
  • ? Northern Arizona University
  • ? Univ of Texas At El Paso
  • ? Univ of Colorado-Boulder
  • ? Adams State University
  • ? Univ of Texas At Austin
  • ? Eastern New Mexico U-Roswell Comm Coll
  • ? San Juan College

List of New Mexico Colleges

In the following table, the four-year graduation rate is used for private colleges and the five-year rate for public colleges. The data are based on the data available from IPEDS in January of 2014 which are available on the DIY College Search spreadsheet.

New Mexico Colleges with Test Scores and Graduation Rates

4/5 Yr
% AdmittedSAT CR
Eastern New Mexico University-Main CampusPublic28452466525530238840
Navajo Technical CollegePublic11312314
New Mexico Highlands UniversityPublic1715119969
New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyPublic13594171670700299044
New Mexico State University-Main CampusPublic116733680560560248492
Northern New Mexico CollegePublic90205046
University of New Mexico-Main CampusPublic1709037646005902510272
Western New Mexico UniversityPublic1469169009

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