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62 Best Bets for Affordable Public Universities

female college graduate holding moeny representing affordable public universitiesLet me start by saying you never know how much a college is actually going to cost until you get the college’s financial aid award. That’s when you really know if a college is affordable. But there are indicators that some colleges are more likely to be affordable than others. Knowing these indicators mean that you can make sure you apply to colleges more likely to meet your financial needs. That doesn’t guarantee they will because we are talking averages here. But it does improve your chances. + Read More

9 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Playing College Baseball-Part 2

keeping score book representing one way to improve chances of playing college baseballI’ve already listed four of the nine things that you can do that will improve your chances of playing baseball at the college level in a previous post. These tips aren’t going to make a D2 player into a D1 player. They will give the D2 player a better chance at actually playing college baseball on a D2 team. These are the things you can do off the field that will set you apart from other players. It isn’t just about having the best skills; it’s about making it as easy as possible for coaches to know that you have the skills and choose you over another player. + Read More

Does College Size Matter?

small ship and large ship representing question does college size matterAs high school students get closer to graduation, you’re likely to hear declarations that I could never go to a college that small or I could never go to a college that big. Does college size really matter and, if so, matters for what?

So why would college size matter? Theoretically, you would think because it would influence the type of education opportunities available. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: A+ Colleges for B Students

apple with a+ representing colleges for B studentsIf you want to see everything available in the spreadsheet that I use to create the 50-50 list, check out the sample spreadsheet.

When we hear college rankings, we tend to think of a listing of the “best” colleges, especially since US News College Rankings helps us along with its rankings every fall. Yet, even US News recognizes that not everyone can get into the “best” colleges and these less qualified students are just as deserving of a quality education. So it has created its A+ Schools for B Students list. + Read More

9 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Playing College Baseball-Part 1

Baseball pitcher practicing to improve chances of playing college baseballHere are nine things that you can do that will improve your chances of playing college baseball. These aren’t about improving specific baseball skills, although that may happen. It’s about giving you the edge over another player who has the exact same stats and ability ratings as you do. In other words, these suggestions aren’t going to make a D2 player into a D1 player. It is about making it as easy as possible for a college coach to recruit you from the hundreds of other players that he has to choose from. + Read More

Why Attending College Out-of-State Can Limit Your Financial Aid

sad piggy bank representing expensive out of state universitiesMost people understand that private colleges have a much higher price tag than public universities which is why many never consider private schools. This is a shame since there are some private colleges that offer great opportunities along with generous financial aid. What a lot of people don’t realize is that out-of-state public institutions generally have the worst characteristics of both public and private colleges. They have the high price of private colleges with the limited financial aid of public universities. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Accessible, Quality Colleges for Merit Aid Opportunities

Woman with money looking at computer for college merit aidAs I work with college data, I learn about different variables and add them to my data sets. I also occasionally create a variable to more accurately capture a concept or value that I think is important when trying to figure out how much college will cost. This is why you’ll see multiple posts on some variation of a list of colleges with the best financial aid. And because of the variation,  you’ll always find some colleges on one list and not another.  Well, I’m adding another list of colleges to consider for merit aid. + Read More

5 Ways to Get Smart About the SAT, ACT, and College Admission Testing

test answer sheetIf you’re planning on applying to college, you need to get smart about the SAT, ACT, and testing. Why? Because understanding college testing allows you to make the right choices about which college admission tests to take, how to prepare for them, or if you should even take the tests at all. And remember that students with test scores in upper quartile of freshman test scores are likely to receive more generous merit aid+ Read More

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