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Return on College Investment via BusinessWeek

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Is the investment worth it?

Businessweek has an interesting article on the return on investment for college. The short answer is “yes,” a college degree is worth the investment. This year’s ranking is a little different because it takes into account graduation rates and actual cost of attendance given financial aid, grants, and merit aid. Of course, there are all sorts of issues with the methodology which you should be aware of such as lack of distinction between an engineering degree and an English degree and what percentage of the various types of graduates end up looking for job on the PayScale website. It probably shouldn’t be considered the last word in your college search.

But there is a cool little interactive graph called “Visualizing College ROI” that is worth playing with. I set the “Search by State” field to Texas and started looking at some of the combinations. Some schools are left off presumably because they didn’t have enough entries on the PayScale site to be included. These include St. Edwards, St. Marys, Our Lady of the Lake, Texas Lutheran, McMurry, and Austin College among others.
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