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Think your student is on track to be a National Merit Scholar?

child looking at santa sleigh wondering about which colleges sponsor National Merit Scholarships

It’s that time of year again when junior PSAT test takes start to wonder if they scored high enough to make their state’s cut-off score to qualify as a National Merit Semi-Finalist.

If you have visions of National Merit Scholar qualifying scores dancing in your head, find out the colleges sponsoring the most National Merit Scholarships in your state by visiting College Money Search.

And just remember, if your students can score high enough to be in the running, they’ll have plenty of affordable college options. Good luck!



Most Popular 50-50 College Lists in 2016

woman in hammock reading about top 50-50 college listsIt’s getting near the end of the year and like most bloggers, I’m taking stock of the year to see what has been successful, popular, and what I might want to reconsider for the coming year. In the interest of killing two birds with one stone (my need to look at the analytics while coming up with another post), I’m listing the most popular 50-50 Highlights list posts below. + Read More

The First Step to Avoid College Debt

Golden college grad chained to word debt representing need to avoid college debtAs the cost of college has sky-rocketed, students are accumulating more and more debt. You hear horror stories of student graduating with over $100,000, $150,000, or $200,000 in college debt just for an undergraduate education. And with tuition at some schools exceeding $60,000 a year, you have to wonder if that high student debt is simply the cost of attending college today? + Read More

What is a good ACT score?

Postit note asking What is a good ACT score?The ACT test has four sections, English, Math, Reading, and Science, each scored on a scare of 1 to 36. The ACT also calculates a composite score which is an average of all four test. The single composite score is generally used when discussing ACT scores. However, the total of all four scores, 144, is used by organizations such as the NCAA.

According the ACT, of the 2016 college-bound seniors, the 50th percentile scores were: + Read More

What Athletes Need to Know About the Ivy League Academic Index

dog on computer looking up ivy league academic indexIf you’re interested in playing your sport for one of the Ivy League schools, you need to understand the Academic Index. I’m assuming that you already know that the Ivy League does not provide athletic scholarships and that you’re hoping to use your athletic abilities to help you get admitted. After all, recruited athletes have approximately a 30 percentage advantage in being admitted compared to non-athletes with no legacy status. + Read More

Don’t Miss the Facebook Live Session on How to Find the Most Financial Aid

facebook-live-session-on-how-to-find-the-most-financial-aid-200If you missed the Facebook live session, you can view the recording here.

Debbie Schwartz of the and I will show you how to maximize your chances for financial aid on Sunday, December 11th, 7:30 central time.

Just go to the College Money Search page on Facebook to watch and ask any questions you might have.

We’ll be using two real life examples to show how your college list can dramatically change how much financial aid you receive.

Don’t miss it and be sure to share with your friends.






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