How to Create a Smarter College List 
Even If You Don't Know Where to Start

A 7 Day Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Smarter College List

This is the Most Effective Way to Start Your College Search

  • 1
    Create the PERFECT College List
    The perfect college doesn't exist, but you can create a perfect list containing wonderful college choices that your student will be excited to attend.
  • 2
    Uncover your family's HIDDEN GEMS
    Is it a "hidden gem" for you if it doesn't offer your major? Probably not. Learn how to find the overlooked colleges that will meet your family's academic and financial needs.
  • 3
    Be CONFIDENT in your teen's college choice
    You won't be among the majority of families that realize they would have done things differently if they knew at the beginning of the admissions process what they had learned by the end.

30 Pages with a specific
goal for each day. 

Each lesson includes sections on Why, How, Resources, and where to Learn More.

Includes templates in both PDF and spreadsheet formats.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Michelle Kretzschmar and I have spent the past ten years researching colleges with a focus on costs and graduation rates. In other words, colleges you can afford to attend and will graduate from. When I tell parents about what I do and my website, 99% of the time the first response is "I wish I knew about it when my teen was applying to college." That's why I've put together the "7 Days to a Smarter College List" guide.

  • Because with an average caseload of 400 students, your public high school counselor doesn't have the time to research all the possible colleges. 
  • Because not everyone can afford to hire a private college counselor to walk them through the process. 

"7 Days to a Smarter College List" is simple, easy to follow, and provides a solid foundation for the college admissions process.

“This guide will work for anyone trying to put together a college list."

Graduation is sooner than you think:
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