Too Many Players Worry About Colleges Finding Them...

What They Need is to Find the Colleges that Will Recruit Them!

How to find the colleges that will recruit you to play baseball

The fundamental fact of college baseball recruiting is that you can't be recruited if the coach doesn't know you exist.

Gone are the days of a player being spotted at their local high school game.

Start targeting the colleges that will recruit you with a complete list of college baseball programs.

I have used the spreadsheet for advising my own sons. To say it’s comprehensive would be an understatement.  There’s nothing else like it out there.  We made lists of potential target schools using different criteria – anything comparable would have taken days to curate, and would not have been nearly as complete.


Phil Johnson, Parent, PA 

The spreadsheet is in Microsoft PC Format. You must have Microsoft 2007 or later for the PC, or 2011 for the MAC to use it.

My son used your spreadsheet to find the school he will be attending and receiving a scholarship to play Division 1 baseball at next year.

We went over the criteria he was looking for in a college (i.e., first year retention rate, 4-5 year graduation rate, SAT, acceptance rate, cost, and baseball program). He emailed schools that fit his criteria and connected with the coaches at Binghamton University.

I don't believe he would have found Binghamton without your spreadsheet. Thank you for putting this spreadsheet together. It made a difference in my son's life.

Damon Aoki, Parent, CA

There are over 1,500 colleges that offer baseball programs-you need to decide which are most likely to recruit you.

How do You Decide from Over 1,500 Colleges?

What you need to do is to create a general list of up to 50 acceptable colleges and then start narrowing it based on the following:

  • specifics of the baseball teams such as how many players are at your position
  • contact with the coaches
  • academic offerings

To generate this list, you need to find out two sets of information about the colleges: what you really need to know and what you should know.

My son is a sophomore in college now, and I first used the spreadsheet when he was a junior in high school. 

I like that it had team size (how many kids are on the roster), I liked that it showed expenditures (so you know how much money they put in to their program) and I liked average SAT scores, acceptance rates....  

I think it was helpful information to get a different feel for the program and the school, other than the "stuff" that a coach tells you, or what they send in print, or post on YouTube.


               ~ Rae Queen, Parent, Texas  

What Your College Baseball Spreadsheet Should Really Be Telling You

Does it fit your athletic abilities?

You can use division and conference information to target colleges that match your playing level.

Can you get in?

The SAT/ACT profile will give you an idea if it will be easier or harder for you to be admitted.

Can you afford it?

More than likely, you won't have an athletic scholarship and will be paying the tuition bill yourself. You need to know the Average Net Price so that you'll have some idea of what kind of bills you'll be looking at.

Will you get a degree?

Graduation rates indicate your chances of graduating if you decide to quit playing baseball.

Bob Winning,
 Parent, MI

Let me just say off the bat that I LOVE your spreadsheet. As you pointed out, the information is all available online, having it compiled in one place is a huge benefit. It has been getting a lot of use in our house. My son is a HS junior, and he and I have been using the spreadsheet to narrow down his list of candidate schools. 


In terms of how it is being used, we use a lot of the information. What we tend to use the most is the academic information - SAT/ACT scores etc. My son is academically very strong, and we have been looking for schools that will give him a great education, and at which his academic record might give him a leg up in terms of getting recruited. The other information we have used a lot recently is the tuition information, to get a sense of which schools we can and can’t afford.

What Happy Customers are Saying about the College Baseball Spreadsheet

Mark Heater
Grandparent, TX

The spreadsheet was a wealth of information at your fingertips that was organized very well and easy to use. I have used it to develop a top 30 contact list of various college’s.  We sorted your data by division, region/city, and conferences.  Because minimal athletic scholarship money is given out for this sport, the Total Price for Students column was helpful as well.  

Shawn Morgan

I use spreadsheets a lot and found yours very easy to use the filters to make a shorter list of target schools. Your list is very extensive. I have used it as initial cut for schools for my son. I have also used it to look up stats on the schools and how a school compares to another.

Loretta Brooks
Parent, GA

I used the sheet to actually see more info on $$$s they have for recruiting and scholarships. My son plays baseball, and really wasn’t aware of the budgets some colleges have compared to others. He had an idea in his head of how recruiting happens, scholarships, etc.  This helped us understand the reasons why some offers are bigger and others smaller. It’s a good tool for narrowing down where he may like to attend vs. what level he’s at and how much may be offered.

The DIY College Baseball Spreadsheet has all the information you need to get recruited

Test Scores

Search by ACT or SAT Scores by the 25th and 75th percentiles.


Check out the total cost of attendance and the average net price by family income.

Graduation Rates

Look-up four-year and five-year graduation rates.

Acceptance Rates

The lower the acceptance rate, the more academics can be a boost in recruiting.

Campus Life

Basics of campus culture, how big is the school, how many students are on campus. 

Team Information

Lists number of players along with revenues and expenditures for the baseball team.

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The spreadsheet is in Microsoft PC Format. You must have Microsoft 2007 or later for the PC, or 2011 for the MAC to use it.


Try the sample spreadsheet below to see what's included.

The full spreadsheet contains all four-year and two-year baseball programs sorted into divisions.

DIY College Rankings Baseball Spreadsheet Demo