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Most expensive colleges for high income families–and some alternatives to consider

dog with calculator trying to figure most expensive colleges for high incomesIt may be too late for parents of high school sophomores and juniors to dramatically increase their savings for colleges but it’s not too late to pay significantly less to send their kids to college. The reason is that  few people pay the actual sticker price for college. However, parents with little to no financial need can find themselves coming close to paying the full price depending on the college. + Read More

Where to Find the Best Scholarships

kittens trying to find the best scholarshipsSometime during their senior in high school, students will start receiving notices from the counseling office about  various available college scholarships. These scholarships will probably range in the $250 to $1,000 range with a few hitting $5,000. They’ll be encouraged to start using the different scholarship search websites so that they won’t have to take out student loans. By January, they’ll hear that if only they would get organized and be persistent, they can take advantage of all the college scholarships out there that haven’t been taken because no one applied.

So where will you find the best scholarships? + Read More

College Search Cheat Sheet

listing showing college search cheat sheetAre you worried about find the right college for your kids? Does the idea of researching colleges make you nervous? Do you find the idea of finding and paying for college daunting? Do you just want to know how to get started? If you answered “yes” to any to the previous questions, I’ve got a college search cheat sheet for you. + Read More

Which Colleges Spend the Most on D1 Baseball?

Baseball and money representing which college spend the most on d1 baseballGiven that full-ride scholarships are a rarity in college baseball, players may want to consider other ways colleges support their baseball programs. After all, there are ways for colleges to spend money on baseball  that will affect the players’ overall experience besides just scholarships. This can include anything from uniforms, equipment, fields, to travel. For those interested in such things, this is an update on D1 baseball expenses by team using the latest information from the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE). + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Most Expensive Colleges

stack of moneyThe point of the 50-50 schools list is to identify colleges and universities that are accessible to most students while meeting a minimum standard for college graduation. However, just because a school is academically accessible doesn’t mean that students can afford to attend. Like colleges and universities in general, schools on the 50-50 list vary dramatically in their financial aid generosity. + Read More

Using Baseball to Get Into College: The College Application Essay

Outline of baseball player with words insideWhen people think of using baseball to get into college, they’re usually thinking about a coach offering a full-ride scholarship to play on the team. For those who still hold such delusions, time for a reality check. But there are still all sorts of ways baseball can help you get into college, including providing content for your college application essay. + Read More

Best 7 Facebook Pages on College Admissions

Woman looking at Best Facebook Pages on College AdmissionsBelieve it or not, spending time on Facebook can be a good thing for parents involved in the college search and admission process. In fact, Facebook can be an efficient way of collecting information from a variety of sources to help figure out what you need to know about finding and paying for college. And I’m not talking about simply following colleges that might eventually make the final college list. + Read More

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