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9 Ways to Expand Your College Education Through Off-Campus Study and Exchanges

College student waving goodbyeMost college students know that they can study abroad but fewer realize that there are opportunities for off-campus study without ever leaving the country. Why would you want to do that?

Such exchange programs allow you to explore academic subjects not normally available on your campus or to immerse yourself in one area for a semester. Off-campus study programs can help you establish contacts in distant cities for internships or job opportunities. They can provide you the chance to try something different without having to commit to four years at one campus. + Read More

Choosing a College After the Military

female soldierThe following is a guest post by Scott Huntington.

In order to properly use the GI Bill – or any military benefit – you can’t choose just any college. Don’t pick your college based on its proximity to the beach or even your family. Not all colleges are interested in helping military personnel achieve their career goals; they’re more interested in the guaranteed funds from your GI Bill. + Read More

College Recruiting: What Athletes Need to Know Before Starting

Woman tying shoe to get startedThis is a basic introduction to the college recruiting landscape. I’m sure there will be many who will read this and think, “you’ve got to be kidding-how could you not know this?” Yet, you would be surprised at how many families don’t know that D3 schools don’t offer athletic scholarships or that some rules will depend on the college’s conference. Consider this a review of the basic terms that you need to know to even start the college recruiting process.
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The Campus Visit Alternative

student research college website on laptopWhile campus visits aren’t always possible, I don’t think the available virtual campus tours are the solution either. Don’t despair, there are useful alternatives to a campus tour but it won’t happen with just a click of a mouse. Yes, it’s a do it yourself alternative but it can be just as useful as a campus tour and a lot cheaper. + Read More

How to Have a Great Senior Year: Write Your College Application Essay this Summer

happy high school students The following is a guest post by Randy Levin. Randy has one focus–helping students with their college application essays. You can see a sample of his presentation here.

Senior year will be here faster than another Lindsey Lohan arrest. It’s your last year in high school forever (Sad? I should be a motivational speaker). Whether you have over-scheduled yourself or “Senioritis” set in mid-way through Junior year, the college application process can be stressful for you and your family. + Read More

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