Creating College Lists Using the DIY College Search Spreadsheet

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How do you choose one college over another?

How can you figure out which schools are a best fit financially and academically for your student and family?

How do you move beyond the top 50 colleges in US News College Rankings without drowning in the information of over 1,500 four-year institutions? Read More

Help Finding Illinois Colleges

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50-50 Highlights: Colleges with the Highest Percentage of International Students

Do you speak english on a chalkboardWhat does it mean if a college or university has a relatively high percentage of international students? Does it indicate better tuition deals for foreign students either in terms of financial aid or lower out-of-state tuition? Or does it mean that the school is better at recruiting foreign students for full pay students? Read More

400 Plus Full Ride Scholarships

Money as box with ribbonI’ve been spending some time talking about a Moneyball approach to college admissions. The idea is to get the best college education without sacrificing your financial future. And what better Moneyball solution for college than a full-ride scholarship? Want to know where to find such scholarships? Wendy Nelson at My Kid’s College Choice has created a spreadsheet listing over 400 college sponsored full-ride scholarships. Read More

Moneyball College Admissions Rules: Use Your College Experience to Get What You Want

Pencil erasing a mazeMove beyond the popular rankings and learn how to get the most college for your money based on what’s important to you. Find out more.

At first glance, Billy Beane’s fourth Moneyball rule wouldn’t seem a good fit for the college application process: “Know exactly who you want and go after him (Never mind who they say they want to trade).”  After all, it doesn’t seem likely that many students will convince colleges to  change admission requirements or how much financial aid offered simply based on their determination to attend a specific school. Read More

Help Finding North Carolina Colleges

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50-50 Highlights: Why Not Create Your Own 50-50 List?

kids with colorsIf you have ever taken a look at my explanation of 50-50 schools, you know that they’re not actually 50-50. They’re really 49-49 with the second 49 depending on the type of school. Nonetheless, I justify calling it a 50-50 list and I’ve never had anyone complain. Read More

Moneyball College Admission Rules: Know How Much You’re Paying and Why

balance with green and blue ballsI don’t know about you, but I’m always leery when the price of a good or service I’m considering purchasing isn’t readily available. The phrase, “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” starts echoing in my head. However, although most college websites don’t have their costs readily accessible, it doesn’t seem to be an issue for most people. I have to admit, I didn’t really start noticing it until I start writing this post. Read More

Help Me Find a College: Pennsylvania

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50-50 Highlights: Colleges in Big Cities

Night view of a citySee an online version of the spreadsheet I use to create the 50-50 list in the free Introduction to the DIY Spreadsheet Class.
Many high school students are attracted to the idea of attending college in an urban environment. Never mind that most probably don’t participate in the activities unique to such environments once they move in, the desire is there. Although sometimes I suspect it’s more of an “I don’t want to go to school in the sticks because I can’t find a good bar” but let’s not be cynical. Read More