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Looking for a volunteer for a free Custom College Money Report

We’re going to have Facebook Live Session next Wednesday night demonstrating our Custom College Money Report and need a volunteer.  If you would like to get a free copy of the report, visit What’s The #1 Source To Find Money For College? for more information. You won’t be on the Facebook Live Session, we’ll just be using your information and report for the demonstration. We won’t be using your name. We’ll let you know if you’ve been selected by Monday night.

College Search Cheat Sheet

listing showing college search cheat sheetAre you worried about finding the right college for your kids? Does the idea of researching colleges make you nervous? Do you find the idea of finding and paying for college daunting? Do you just want to know how to get started? If you answered “yes” to any to the previous questions, I’ve got a college search cheat sheet for you. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Colleges Where Parents End Up With Debt

Calculator to find PLUS loans by collegeI’ve mentioned before that not all 50-50 schools are affordable or generous with financial aid. Recently, I’ve started looking at Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) loans. As the name indicates, these loans are usually not taken out by the student but by parents on the student’s behalf. This means that they aren’t generally counted in the student debt statistics because it’s not the student’s debt but the parent’s. And the fact the parents can borrow up to the total cost of attendance each year can make them very dangerous loans. + Read More

College Baseball Recruiting Timeline

planner showing college baseball recruiting timelineWhen looking at this recruiting timeline, keep in mind this is geared for baseball players. In many ways, your senior high school baseball season will not count. The majority of coaches (not all) will have already filled their recruit classes for the following year (your college freshman year). Depending on the division and conference (think “power 5”) they may have already filled the slots for the year after that (your college sophomore year) and only have a few left for the following year. Yes, college baseball coaches are taking verbal commitments from high school sophomores.  + Read More

Cutting College Costs: 209 Community Colleges with Dorms

girl on bed with computer in community colleges with dormsI’ve updated the number of community colleges with dorms with data available from IPEDS in November of 2016.

As families recoil in horror contemplate the price tag of four years of college, some start to look more closely at all of the available options, including community colleges with dorms. Since community colleges are offering more traditional college amenities such as dorms, honor programs, sports, and student activities, they are becoming a more attractive way for families to seriously cut their college expenses. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: 33 Public Colleges for Merit Aid

Piggy bank on calculator representing best public colleges for merit aidMerit scholarships from colleges aren’t simply a way for schools to reward students for accomplishments, it’s part of the supply and demand of paying for college. Colleges use merit aid as a way to increase the supply of “accomplished” students at their schools. This is why the most competitive colleges in the country such as Princeton and Harvard don’t offer merit scholarships–they have no problem attracting high achieving students to their schools. + Read More

Do you have to specialize in a sport to get a scholarship?

child baseball player representing specializing in a sport to get a scholarshipShould you play more than one sport in high school if you want to play at the college level? Focusing on a single sport would seem to provide players with the ability to develop advanced skills to stand-out from the competition. However, there are plenty of people out there arguing that playing multiple sports provides athletes with significant benefits, including in the recruiting arena. + Read More

8 Tips to Survive the College Admissions Interview

Calendar with interview dateThe following are suggested tips for preparing for the college admissions interview. These are all general recommendations. If you have specific information that applies to a specific college, then certainly go with it. I really don’t think there is one answer for all situations so of course these are suggestions and not rules written in stone. They are based on the experiences with my son and wading through countless websites and college admission books. + Read More

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