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8 Infographics to Help You Understand College Athletic Recruiting

Confused primate about college athletic recruitingIf you’re a high school athlete or the parents of an athlete who wants to play at the college level, the sooner you understand the college athletic recruiting process, the sooner you can use the process rather than have the process control you. And while the chances of being paid to be an athlete in your particular sport may be minuscule, it can’t hurt having a grasp of some of the issue of paying student-athletes. I think the following infographics on college athletes provide a good place to start your education. + Read More

The Truth About Rejection by Elite Colleges

chalk outline of a dead body of student rejected by elite collegesI think that the greatest unacknowledged truth in college admissions is that if you’re good enough to get into an Ivy League school then you are good enough to handle being rejected by them.

What am I talking about? Let’s start with the joke that in order to get into the elite universities, high school students need to have discovered the cure for cancer or, at the very least, won a Nobel Prize.

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Creating College Lists 101: Copying Data-Part 2

Chalkboard with lesson copying data part 2In the last lesson I showed you how to select and copy a column of data from one spreadsheet to another. In this lesson, I’ll go into more ways to copy data in Excel by copying and pasting multiple columns. I also show with how to paste data into a new column of an existing spreadsheet. To complete this lesson, you need to create a work tab as instructed in Part 1. + Read More

5 Financial Aid Strategies Parents of Juniors Need to Know Before the Spring Semester

Happy Couple on couchParents of juniors need to know that their students’ college financial aid awards will be calculated on the base year that starts January 1 of the student’s junior year. This means that the fall semester of the student’s junior year will be the last chance parents have to implement some financial aid strategies that could significantly increase their student’s eligibility for need-based financial aid. + Read More

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