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50-50 Highlights: Colleges with the Most Students Receiving Pell Grants

apples and an orangeOne of the problems with college rankings is that much of the rankings are based on inputs. How good are the students who go to the school, how much money does the school spend on students and faculty. It’s kind of weird when you think about it. If we ranked hospitals by their inputs, the ones who admitted the healthiest patients would come out on top. Is it any surprise that the most highly ranked colleges are the ones that are the most selective? + Read More

Should you tell coaches about an injury during the recruiting process?

Injured leg in a braceJust asking this question suggests that it’s possible to hide the injury from the college coaches. I suppose it’s possible if it occurs off-season and the player isn’t actually on crutches or doesn’t have an arm in a sling. But how many sports today actually have an off-season? Even those players being recruited in sports that do have a limited season such as football are likely to be playing other sports. Don’t you think the recruiting coach might wonder why the player is sitting out his secondary sport? + Read More

30 Potential Colleges for Students with a Full-Pay Hook

Picture of financial aid moneyFamilies that can’t afford to pay the sticker-price for private colleges need to do two things. The first is identify which schools are more likely to provide need or merit aid. The second is avoid those that are less likely to do so. This means steering clear of “dream” schools that may rank in terms of prestige but subsequently aren’t as generous with financial aid as some of their peers. + Read More

Creating a Recruiting Video with Your Phone Resource Center

Hand holding smart phone videoIf you’re an athlete trying to get recruited to play in college, then you KNOW you need to have video. You have several options for creating your video from doing-it-yourself to hiring someone who specializes in recruiting videos. I’m a big believer in starting with the cheapest option first. If nothing else, it will make you appreciate that much more the professional’s product that you eventually get. So I’ve collected a list of resources you can use to shoot video with your smart phone. + Read More

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