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What You Need to Know About Iowa Colleges

Graph showing Iowa colleges graduation ratesDid You Know?

  • 12 Iowa colleges have graduation rates of 50% or better?
  • The average net price for all private Iowa colleges is less than $30,000?
  • All three public Iowa universities have five-year graduation rates of 60% or better while admitting over 80% of students?
  • Of the five colleges that have the smallest percentage of freshman receiving Pell Grants, two are public?

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What’s Important to College Baseball Coaches

baseball players representing what's important to college baseball coachesSo why is a college baseball coach more likely to lose interest in a high school prospect, showing poor attitude at a game where the coach is watching or a poor high school season? If you said poor high school season, you’re wrong. Which would have a greater negative effect on the recruiting coach, seeing a game where the player had a poor performance or low grades? Obviously poor performance, right? Wrong. It’s low grades. + Read More

What Happens to People Who Go To Colleges No One Has Ever Heard Of?

statue of woman wondering What Happens to People Who Go To Colleges No One Has Ever Heard Of?(As we head into the final stretch of application season, I think this is worth repeating.)
I think that there are a lot of families out there that would like to drop out of the race to get into the most prestigious college possible. They know that there are good reasons to look elsewhere. With seemingly ever decreasing admission rates, the numbers are against you. And financially, it often just makes sense to go to a lesser known school. But people can’t help but wonder if doing so means “settling” for less. They want to know what happens to people who go to colleges that no one has ever heard of. + Read More

What You Need to Know about Washington Colleges


Did You Know?

  • 6 Public Washington universities have 5 year graduation rates of 50% or more.
  • The school with the lowest admission rate in the state is public.
  • Whitman College and Seattle University had the highest average net price for private Washington colleges.
  • Washington State University had the highest average net price among public Washington colleges.
  • Whitman College had the lowest percentage of freshman receiving Pell grants.

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50-50 Highlights: Doctoral/Research Universities Ranked by Graduates’ Salaries

Steps of money representing college graduate's salariesThis fall’s college rankings have made earnings and return on investment a more prominent consideration when selecting a college. And with the ever increasing cost of college, this is a very reasonable reaction. However, ranking colleges by some form of graduates’ salaries has its own set of problems. Teachers simply don’t make as much as engineers or investment bankers but we need teachers. Incomes are higher in areas with higher costs of living. And these are just some of the obvious issues of ranking universities by graduates’ salaries. But this shouldn’t stop you from using the available information–just understand its limitations. + Read More

How to Find Student-Athlete Graduation Rates

picture of student representing student-athlete graduation ratesThe NCAA has a public service announcement stating that most of their athletes go pro in something other than sports. They actually provide a table with the probability of competing beyond high school and the percentage who actually make it to the professional level. Given this information, any sensible athlete should pay serious attention to the student part of “student-athletes.” + Read More

Should You Pay Someone to Complete the FAFSA?

Hand with sign asking for help to comlete the FAFSA.In July of 2105, the United States government finally gained control of the website. Until then, the website was owned and operated by Student Financial Aid Service, Inc. which charged students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Over the years, became the  poster child for financial aid scams designed to take advantage students and families trying to get financial aid for college. So does its demise represent the final statement of whether or not students should pay for someone to complete the FAFSA? + Read More

What You Need to Know About the DIY College Rankings College Profile

Woman at computer reading What You Need to Know About the DIY College Rankings College ProfileIn each of my newsletters, I include a brief profile of a 50-50 college. For those new to my website, a 50-50 school is a college that accepts at least 49% of students and has at least a 49% graduation rate. I use the four-year rate for private schools and the five-year rate for public. You can download a complete list here.

I have also created profiles for over 350 of them so far and am gradually getting them all listed. You can find individual profiles here. With all of the college search websites available, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to wonder why I bother, or more importantly, why you should bother to look at them. + Read More

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