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50-50 Highlights: NCAA D2 Colleges

D2 College Teams players on a benchThe NCAA Division 2 is the smallest of the three NCAA Divisions. Division 2 colleges, like Division 1 schools, offer athletic scholarships. However, they do not offer as many scholarships in many sports and are not required to sponsor as many varsity teams as D1 programs. They also tend to offer more partial scholarships. + Read More

5 Signs that You Don’t Understand the College Recruiting Process

College Recruiting MistakesIf you spend any time on the internet or reading books on college athletic recruiting, you’ll see lists of common mistakes made by families during the recruiting process. The interesting thing is that there isn’t a lot of variation in the mistakes mentioned, it appears that people are making the same recruiting mistakes over and over. You have to wonder since there are warnings about them everywhere.

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The 10 Worst Colleges

college campus with title 10 worst collegesThis is a public service I’m providing as an inoculation against the coming fall media ranking mania. It is a reminder that rankings are flawed and have their limitations. While they can provide useful information, too few people bother to look beyond the ranking order to evaluate the data used in creating the rankings.

To get an in idea of what I’m talking about, let’s take a look at the following  list of the 10 worst colleges: + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Colleges That Require the PROFILE Financial Aid Application

Woman confused about the college profileThere has been a lot of discussion of simplifying the FAFSA. The argument is that too many low-income students don’t apply because they are intimidated by the process, don’t understand that they can qualify for significant grant aid, or don’t have all of the required information. All of these are legitimate concerns that can be resolved without reducing the application to the size of a postcard. + Read More

294 NCAA D1 Baseball Teams

NCAA D1 Baseball Team playersWhen entering the college baseball recruiting process, players need to target schools that are a match for their abilities. The NCAA Divisions are commonly used by most sports to distinguish between athletic abilities with Division One being the most competitive for baseball and providing the most scholarships. + Read More

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