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50-50 Highlights: Colleges with Lowest Average Net Price for Students with Low Family Income–and which to avoid

Pighy bank with help spelled outRobert J. Kibbee, the former Chancellor of City University New York, observed “Over the years, we have come to identify quality in a college not by whom it serves but by how many students it excludes. Let us not be a sacred priesthood protecting the temple, but rather the fulfillers of dreams.” And if the dreams fulfilled aren’t going to be determined by family income, colleges are going to need to provide substantial financial aid to the neediest students. + Read More

Is it too late to get recruited for college baseball if you are already a senior?

Baseball player with batNo. It may not be ideal but it’s still possible. Even if you have already graduated from high, school it’s not too late. Between the MLB draft pulling players from teams to players at the D3 level not receiving enough financial aid to attend the college, there are plenty of reasons why it’s not too late to get recruited for college baseball if you are already a senior. + Read More

Resources for Applying to College with a Learning Disability

Learn GraphicFortunately, when my son was applying to college he didn’t have to deal with a learning disability on top of everything else although I do know quite a few homeschoolers who did have to deal with both issues. It seems to me that the approach one takes in applying to college as a homeschooler isn’t all that different from that of someone applying to college with a learning disability. Ultimately, students have to be prepared to address the issue as appropriate throughout the admissions process. + Read More

What High School Baseball Players Need to Worry About to be Recruited by Colleges

Baseball player in dugoutIt seems that weekly, if not daily, you’ll come across another story about how today’s generation has been coddled with self-esteem trophies since their first little league game and have been told that their clay pots are special no matter how lumpy and cracked. This has an especially insidious strain in high school sports that can undermine a player’s chances of getting recruited to play college baseball.

Think about it, combine the me generation with a standout high school athlete and the too often accompanying egotism, you get a package of entitlement that will keep even the best players off a college baseball team. + Read More

5 Ways to Get Smart About Filling Out College Applications

University Application FormFilling out college applications is just one step of the college search process. But students and families quickly find out that the one step isn’t as simple as you might think. Before you swamp yourself in page after page of internet search results, use the following websites to orient yourself and figure out what information you really need. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Colleges for Transfer Students

Dog with backpackApproximately one-third of all college students transfer between institutions at least once according the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. In tough economic times, many students start at a community college and plan to transfer to complete their four-year degree. Others start may start at more expensive four-year institutions and find that they need to transfer to less expensive institutions. + Read More

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