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What Do College Softball Coaches Want-2015?

coach making notes for college softball recruitingThree years ago I looked up the college softball recruiting questionnaires for the then top 12 rated D1 softball programs in the country. The idea was to see what college coaches wanted, or at least appeared to, based on the information they asked from their prospects. This could help players make sure their athletic resumes covered all the important points. And it revealed some interesting tidbits about the schools. So I thought it was time to revisit the topic and see what, if anything, in college softball recruiting has changed. + Read More

What’s wrong with looking at college graduation rates?

Student looking at college graduation rates on a laptopI don’t know why, but whenever I bring up graduation rates when considering colleges, I get a fairly hostile reaction–at least in online forums. It’s almost as if I suggested using a school’s football rankings as a way to pick the school. So what is wrong with looking at college graduation rates? + Read More

4 Things You Should Know Before You Contact College Coaches

dog with phone getting ready to contact college coachesNobody likes wasting their time and college coaches are no exception. So when you start to contact college coaches, be sure that you are prepared. If nothing else, what sort of impression do you think you make when the coach has to inform you of basic facts regarding the school or finds out that you aren’t qualified to play on his team? + Read More

The Truth About Scholarships

hand reaching for stacks of penniesIf January is FAFSA month, February must be Scholarship Month. Actually, I think it’s a double team kind of effort-while you’re waiting for your admission results, complete the FAFSA and start looking for scholarships! I’ve already told you about the problem I have the FAFSA hype. Today I’m going to vent on the scholarship hype. + Read More

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