50-50 College List Highlights: Spring Hill College, Seattle University, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Stewartfield (c. 1850) at the end of its alley...
Stewartfield (c. 1850) on the Spring Hill College Campus in Mobile, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring Hill College is a small Jesuit?  College in Mobile, Alabama.?  You can experience social justice travel at its Italy Center in Bologna. They have established a new LEAP Program for freshman that focuses on Five LEAP Themes to build community.

The Missouri University of Science and Technology is a public institution located in Rolla, Missouri with 15 accredited undergraduate engineering programs. Mining majors and explosive engineering minors gain hands on experience with a university operated experimental mine.?  Students interested in nuclear engineering have access to the on-campus nuclear research reactor for students. The university offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate research.

Seattle University offers an International Development Internship Program that places students in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Students in the College of Business and Economics can participate in the Undergraduate Leadership Development Program. The Matteo Ricci College offers a unique program in the humanities including degrees in Leadership and Teaching.

All 50-50 Colleges accept at least 50% of their applicants and have at least a 50% graduation rate.

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