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5 Ways to Get Smart About College Baseball Recruiting

Baseball player silding into baseAs you start the college baseball recruiting process, you need to know what you don’t know. And sometimes it feels like you would rather not know than try to make sense of all of the information out there. Not only is there so much information out there, so much seems contradictory. Sometimes you just need a baseline to start with so that you can make sense of the rest of the information. So before drowning in Google search results, try these resources first.

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426 Colleges with Free College Application Fees

student looking at colleges with free application feesThe free college application fees list has been updated based on the Integrated Post-secondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and information from the Common Application available in August of 2016. The IPEDS data is the fee charged for the 2015-16 academic year while the Common Application Data is for the 2016-17 year. Yes, it’s very possible the data reported by IPEDS will not be valid for the coming year. But it’s what is available.

Everyone knows the cost of higher education is spiraling out of control. Did you know that the cost to apply to college has reached equally outrageous levels? Applying to US News Top Ten National Universities would set you back $775 in application fees with a low of $65 to a high of $90. Only one school charged less than $75. That doesn’t include the cost of sending in testing scores reports. + Read More

How to Answer Coaches Who Ask What Other Schools Are Recruiting You

truth behind torn paperOnce again honesty is the best policy. When coaches ask what other schools are recruiting you, just name the schools. There are actually two ways to be dishonest in answering the question. The first is to not tell which schools are recruiting you and the second is to lie about which ones are. Understanding why you shouldn’t do the former explains why some are tempted to do the latter. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Colleges with Highest Graduation Rates by State

graduating students representing colleges with highest graduation rates by stateThe idea behind listing 50-50 colleges is that they offer most high school students a reasonable chance of admissions with an equally reasonable chance of graduation. As I’ve mentioned before, the most expensive college is the one you don’t graduate from. And while depressing, a 50% graduation rate is actually a fairly high standard. Out of 1,592 colleges, only 449 have a 50% or better graduation rate. Even so, you have to wonder, how high of a graduation rate is possible while still admitting at least 50% of students? + Read More

12 Things You Need to Know About Athletic Scholarships

sports stadium representing Things You Need to Know About Athletic ScholarshipsI’m always amazed at how little players and their families know about athletic scholarships. Given that most of them have been justifying playing their sport for the chance at a college scholarship since middle school, you would think they would be better informed. The following are 11 things you need to know if you’re looking for an athletic scholarship. + Read More

It Takes More Than Rankings to Find Good Colleges

Face looking from laptopWhy? Because it all depends on how you define “good.”

And that’s the problem. How do you know what makes a college “good?” Is it the college where the good students go? After all, the colleges that admit only a small percentage of students with high GPAs and college test scores are the ones that show up at the top of the college rankings. But does that mean the school is good because it admits good students or do good students go there because it is a good college? + Read More

How to Decide Between Two Universities You Were Accepted To

Student Deciding Between Two Universities Was Accepted ToCollege is likely the first glimpse into the “real world” that you will see. In this time, you’ll build a foundation for your career, create connections for future jobs, and learn to parent yourself. These years can be great – or another repeat of high school; it all depends on where you spend them. But what if you applied to two great schools and got accepted to both? If you’re having trouble deciding between two universities, consider these points: + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Public Universities with Highest Percentage of PLUS Loans by State

piggy bank and calculator representing Public Universities with Highest Percentage of PLUS Loans by StateWith all the talk about student debt, it’s easy to miss the PLUS loan numbers. PLUS loans are federal loans taken out by parents on the student’s behalf. The really scary thing about PLUS loans is that parents can borrow up to the full amount of tuition. Furthermore, eligibility for PLUS loans isn’t based on ability to repay the loan but rather your credit history. Just think about it, even with a great credit history, a bank won’t loan you money for $250,000 house without some evidence that you can make the payments. The government will. + Read More

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