13 Links to get Educated about the Odds of Playing College Sports and Receiving Athletic Scholarships

Football with money coming outJust a casual browsing of my blog would reveal that I’m not anti-athlete. When my son wanted to play baseball in college, I spent a lot of time educating myself about the college baseball recruiting process and shared the information here. However, there’s a big difference between playing a sport in college and receiving an athletic scholarship.

For those thinking that athletics are the key to paying for college, make sure you understand the reality of college athletics and the chances of actually receiving athletic scholarships. I think the following links combine to provide a good foundation for understanding the odds of playing college sports and the perils of receiving athletic scholarships.

Expectations Lose to Reality of Sports Scholarships

This New York Time’s article was published in 2008 so the numbers are dated and there have been some rule changes. Still a very sobering look at college athletics:

“Excluding the glamour sports of football and basketball, the average N.C.A.A. athletic scholarship is nowhere near a full ride, amounting to $8,707. In sports like baseball or track and field, the number is routinely as low as $2,000. Even when football and basketball are included, the average is $10,409. Tuition and room and board for N.C.A.A. institutions often cost between $20,000 and $50,000 a year.”

Revoked Scholarships Surprise College Athletes

A recent change in NCAA rules that allows colleges to provide four-year athletic scholarships is probably the first time many families even realized that scholarships were for a year only. This article interviews players whose scholarships weren’t renewed.

The Most Evil Thing about College Sports

More on the one-year athletic scholarship by Josh Levin. Make sure you check out all of the links.

“To be clear, this new NCAA measure doesn’t require any school to give four-year scholarships””it merely gives them the option to do so. That makes the ‘no’ votes of Alabama, LSU, et al., even more appalling. “

Sticker Shock

This article by Tom Slear is about swimming scholarships. While the focus is swimming, the situation described can apply to just about any college sport.

“The fact that athletic aid packages are valid for only one year serves to make the process messier. NCAA rules prohibit schools from committing scholarship money to athletes beyond the upcoming academic year. Each spring the slate is wiped clean and coaches make like corporate managers handing out bonuses. “

“No Athletic Scholarship for You, NEXT!” Meet the Scholarship Nazi.

Tom Swyers delivers the relevant information as the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld. What makes this worth reading is the information on merit scholarships at the end.

Athletic Scholarships and Financial Aid Issues

Some useful information on how an athletic scholarship can affect other scholarships a student might receive.

What Parents Should Think About Before Succumbing To College Sports Scholarship Dreams

This post in Forbes by Bob Cook is a basic warning to parents covering the usual reasons why their kids aren’t going to get a sports scholarship.

The NCAA’s Perfectly Fair Rules

This Jon Stewart segment isn’t directly related to athletic scholarships but does serve as a reminder that the NCAA’s primary goal may not always be the student athlete’s best interest.

Still Interested?

For those still interested in pursuing college athletics, make sure you approach the process realistically.

High School Recruits and Parents – Read This Before You Commit

The National College Players Association advocates for college athletes. They have a list of recommended protections for student athletes.

Are College Baseball Players Happy?

Yes, this is one of my own posts. I’m referring to it because students need to understand how much time their sports will require in college. The focus is baseball but I include stats from other sports and links to the NCAA studies on student athletes. And this is just what they’re willing to release to the public.

Odds for an athletic scholarship don’t depend on participation numbers

This post provides a different perspective on the odds of getting a scholarship, specifically football. The take-away from this post is that it’s not impossible to get an athletic scholarship. However, it doesn’t say anything about the value of the scholarships. I see this more as an approach how to play sports in college rather than using it to justify shooting for an athletic scholarship.

50 Critical Tips for Landing an NCAA Scholarship

I like this list because it gives a sense of the variables involved in playing at the college level, much less receiving a scholarship.

Where the Full-Ride Sports Scholarships Are

A simple explanation by Lynn O’Shaughnessy of The College Solution for which sports are likely to offer full scholarships.

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