50-50 Highlights: Schools in the US News College Rankings Top 100

US News College Rankings(I’ve updated this post with the most recent rankings.)

Sorry. It’s the reason why traffic slows down on the opposite of the freeway from the accident. We just can’t help but look, if just for a second.  And while the list of 50-50 schools is going the opposite direction of the US News College Rankings, they did come out this month and we might as well get it over with and look.

Anyone who has been reading this blog knows that I try to make the case for colleges that no one has ever heard of regarding the 50-50 list. But if you go by the US News Rankings of National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges, maybe they aren’t quite as anonymous as you might think.

A total of six 50-50 schools made in the top 50 of the US News Rankings-three among National Universities and three among Liberal Arts Colleges. I’m not sure that there’s actually anything such as a well-known Liberal Arts College, but the list is the list.

(Don’t believe me about well-known Liberal Arts Colleges? Take the top ten LACs and then the top ten from one of the regional lists. Mix them up and start asking friends, family, and co-workers to pick out the national LACS. Unless you live in the world where kids are embarrassed that they didn’t qualify for at least AP Scholar with Distinction, most people won’t know which are which.)

Back to the rubbernecking. A total of 38 50-50 schools made the top 100 on the National University rankings and 42 for the top 100 National Liberal Arts Colleges. If the US News College Rankings mean anything to you, that should count for something, shouldn’t it?

Now there are some data issues such the US News College Rankings data and the IPEDS data don’t quite match, usually the graduation rates. But they do come from two different data sets and we are rubbernecking so we’ll take what we can get. The tables below list 50-50 schools that appear in the top 100 US News College Rankings for National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges. Actually, it’s the top 104 for the Liberal Arts Colleges since five tied for 100th. And it’s 102 since three tied for #99.

As usual, for 50-50 schools the four-year graduation rate is used for private schools and the five-year rate for public schools. Look and then get back to figuring out which schools are best for your family.

(Download PDF version)

50-50 Colleges in US News College Rankings Top 100 National Universities

4/5 yr
Avg Net
Price After
Gift Aid
41University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPublicIL315168216490
41University of Wisconsin-MadisonPublicWI285687916536
47Pennsylvania State University-Main CampusPublicPA388268323161
52Ohio State University-Main CampusPublicOH400208117406
52University of Washington-Seattle CampusPublicWA27050789559
52Yeshiva UniversityPrivateNY27826026743
57University of ConnecticutPublicCT172198118411
57Worcester Polytechnic InstitutePrivateMA39597037192
61Clemson UniversityPublicSC160507916817
61Purdue University-Main CampusPublicIN286596413541
61Southern Methodist UniversityPrivateTX61196734291
61Syracuse UniversityPrivateNY144226928917
61University of GeorgiaPublicGA247468012862
66University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusPublicPA174837922341
70Texas A & M University-College StationPublicTX396417511323
70Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityPublicVA235128019096
72Baylor UniversityPrivateTX130595733720
72Rutgers University-New BrunswickPublicNJ317597616040
75Indiana University-BloomingtonPublicIN310507411361
75Clark UniversityPrivateMA22707625332
75Michigan State UniversityPublicMI348387414526
75University of DelawarePublicDE168527914398
75University of Massachusetts-AmherstPublicMA205057119120
82Miami University-OxfordPublicOH150017924247
82University of California-Santa CruzPublicCA153236913748
82University of IowaPublicIA195226715966
86Marquette UniversityPrivateWI80465731413
86University of DenverPrivateCO51296732212
89North Carolina State University at RaleighPublicNC214696812129
89University of Colorado BoulderPublicCO239486620294
89University of San DiegoPrivateCA54866533356
89University of VermontPublicVT97647515793
89SUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestryPublicNY16476917491
96Florida State UniversityPublicFL289107415511
96Saint Louis UniversityPrivateMO72106135249
96The University of AlabamaPublicAL265486219042
99Loyola University ChicagoPrivateIL93396029184
99University at BuffaloPublicNY180916813581

50-50 Colleges in US News College Rankings Top 100 Liberal Arts Colleges

4/5 yr
Avg Net
Price After
Gift Aid
40Whitman CollegePrivateWA15058034363
45Centre CollegePrivateKY13788025478
48Sewanee-The University of the SouthPrivateTN16027625994
51DePauw UniversityPrivateIN22807428421
51Furman UniversityPrivateSC26778032527
51Rhodes CollegePrivateTN20147427755
51St Olaf CollegePrivateMN30818326915
57Lawrence UniversityPrivateWI15186927387
57Sarah Lawrence CollegePrivateNY14416235207
57Wheaton CollegePrivateIL23787425625
61Beloit CollegePrivateWI12547024423
61Earlham CollegePrivateIN10455920719
61Hobart William Smith CollegesPrivateNY23247434302
61The College of WoosterPrivateOH20777025978
66Kalamazoo CollegePrivateMI14467225708
67Agnes Scott CollegePrivateGA8976619902
67Wheaton CollegePrivateMA16457132415
67Willamette UniversityPrivateOR19817131622
72Allegheny CollegePrivatePA21257426729
72Illinois Wesleyan UniversityPrivateIL20017228044
72Knox CollegePrivateIL14007124274
72Lewis & Clark CollegePrivateOR20866732003
72University of Puget SoundPrivateWA25226834295
79Austin CollegePrivateTX12046725124
79Gustavus Adolphus CollegePrivateMN24238124535
79Saint Johns UniversityPrivateMN18507124829
82Hendrix CollegePrivateAR14226322463
82New College of FloridaPublicFL7936412018
82Transylvania UniversityPrivateKY10676721902
82Wofford CollegePrivateSC15987823181
90College of Saint BenedictPrivateMN20157525527
90Luther CollegePrivateIA24136724873
90Southwestern UniversityPrivateTX15196524691
93Bennington CollegePrivateVT6095834583
93Cornell CollegePrivateIA11176421376
93Reed CollegePrivateOR13567019424
93St Mary's College of MarylandPublicMD17627820578
93Ursinus CollegePrivatePA15827532254
93Westmont CollegePrivateCA12987232852
100Albion CollegePrivateMI12726424970
100Hope CollegePrivateMI32356825078
100Washington CollegePrivateMD14406531170


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